In The Bijenkorf of The Hague. Will arrive the so called lipstick makeup kiosks from the brand M.A.C.

The kiosks are already in the world famous Selfridges department store, soon from now The Bijenkorf department store in The Hague will get three kiosks.

In the kiosk are 176 different colors lipsticks available and a total of 900 lipsticks of the brand.

Make-up artists are standby to provide visitors with a touch-up and advice. You can find the MAC lipstick kiosks from 17 November to 28 December in the

Bijenkorf in The Hague.

#SHAPEMATTERS play up the shape of your eyes THE NEW FULL EXPOSURE PALETTE OF Smashbox Cosmetics


"A good makeup artist should know what works for different eye shapes. I've seen every possible shape, so I always need a palette that works for everyone. This is my latest obsession - it's very flattering for everyone! " - Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist.

"During a photo shoot, it is essential that you define the eyes so they stand out on a picture - this palette does that perfectly. It is designed to enhance any eye shape possible. " - Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder and Celebirty photographer

THINK: A palette with universal natural colors, like the how-to's for the six eye shapes.

WHAT IS IT: ESSENTIAL: Fourteen must-have neutral colors of beige to black, long-lasting gloss to matte velvety colors.



EASY: With shiny shades on the top row and matte colors at the bottom, it's easy to tint more or less shiny. There is also a new applicator with two brushes: a soft side to blend the matte tones and a straight edge to apply the gloss. The bristles are black on one side and white on the other side, so you never pat a light color in a darker color by accident.

SPECIAL FOR YOUR EYE SHAPE: Groundbreaking palette to give every eye shape the best look. A look that can transform your girlfriend into astonishing , is maybe not the look that works for you. After nine years of research by our R & D team that has looked at more than 5000 eyes. We identified and created six eye shapes.

Watch the Lori Davis video: How to figure out your eye shape


Do you know your face shape? 

For more info about how to use the Smashbox click here

The Smashbox Full Exposure contains:

Palette with fourteen shades

Applicator with two brushes

Get the look for your eye shape is best

The Smashbox palette (€49.90) will be available in The Netherlands at the Douglas counters starting on November the 15th.


Cygoat is a Dutch fashion brand created in 2006. They make clothes for people with young souls, despite their age. The dance scene in The Netherlands was the first inspiration for the brand. Nowadays they go wider: from casual to urban, street style and dance scene, with elaborated and colorful sweaters, shirts, jackets and caps, for men and women.


"Cygoat was invented by an artistic individual who was born in the year of the Goat, he was trying to find a way to express his creativity in the Computer Age (Cyber). In addition to that, the rise of electronic music arose the idea to translate and express the dance culture's positive energy, not on canvas but on clothes. Clothes make the man, after all."

"Discipline, determination and perseverance of robust character. No ordinary clothes, but slightly different. These are the ingredients for the brand, where a clear statement is made: Do not be a follower, but lead the herd! Use your strength and energy to achieve your goals in life."

The Cygoat Clothing fashion items can be found at K99 shop, Kerkstraat 99, Amsterdam and also at . They ship worldwide and you can follow their Instagram (@Cygoat) for inspiration and to check their latest designs. 

"Why do we have a hallway full of shoes and clothes, but only one pair of sunglasses? The answer is simple: high quality sunglasses are expensive. Even more so, when they are produced in Italy. Do high quality sunglasses really need to be that expensive? No: Luiz David has been founded to show that exceptional quality and stylish design shouldn’t cost a fortune. Since they completely design and manufacture their own sunglasses, they can offer us affordable prices, without sacrificing quality or style. 

David Luiz sunglasses have 3 designs (unisex) in many different colored lenses and frames. Now you can ask yourself, only three? Yes, because they believe that those are the most flattering, feel-good sunglasses frames in the world. And so do we.

Let's take a look!


Capri  €79.95


Milano €99.95


Napoli €99.95

For more information/ colors and styles check their website here

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